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A London Mistress provides many different services which will appeal to the kinkier side of many men’s desires. This article will explore the different types of fetish fun that is available in London by contacting any of the Mistresses advertised in our London Mistress Directory however firstly it is best to point out that a fetish, or sexual fetish is defined by the fact that it is a sexual desire for anything not conventionally viewed as being sexual in nature. A perfect example is with a shoe fetish in that shoes are not necessarily seen as sexually attractive however many men find both them and the feet within a huge turn on. Some sexual fetishes are quite tame whilst others can be quite extreme. Our listings of Mistresses in London certainly covers a wide range of different fetishes from medical to adult babies and beyond.

Anal play is a service which is administered by many of the London Mistresses, either with strap on toys or electro plug stimulation, many other fetishes can be incorporated into this type of play such as rubber wear or even medical play. Why not incorporate your anal fun into a full body inspection, with rectal inflation or prostate massage, the choices are endless and should be discussed with each individual mistress.

Bootlovers are well served with boot worship and even boot wear so you can choose to grovel at the feet of your chosen mistress or engage in some joint bootwear and admire yourself in the dress up rooms. Find a Mistress in London who has an extensive boot collection so you can fully explore your boot fetish in style.
Dungeons with extreme fetish equipment are available for hire in many areas of Central London. A great many London Mistresses have their own dungeons of pleasure where they can administer such delights as suspension play, mummification, hog tie with various forms of restraints, leather wear, rubber wear or pvc wear which expose the areas to be administered whilst play is in session and sensory deprivation using various hoods. Chastity, slave training, horsey play and humiliation are all also commonly offered. Most London Mistresses prefer to build a rapport with their subs, slaves and clients. This enables them to be able to gauge the level of intensity each session should take overtime. This ensures that each session is as rewarding as possible for both parties. Each session should begin with a short informal chat to reaffirm hard limits and provide an opportunity to voice interest in additional services however most London Mistresses are happy to slot straight into dominant bitch mode should this be preferred.

The list of all the different fetish services available is endless and given the number of different Mistresses available in London, all fetish services will tend to be covered. Mistress appointments are of course, incall only and each mistress should be afforded the utmost respect when making contact, especially for the first time. Do not be surprised if you have to contact more than one mistress in order to secure an appointment as London mistresses are extremely selective with their choice of clients and many impose limitations as to the number of clients they will see in any given month. Patience is the key if you have a particular Mistress in mind.

London fetish services promotes and displays advertisements for Mistresses in all areas of London. Each Mistress has their own style and services offered. Contact should be made direct to each Mistress using the details given on each individual profile.