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A-Z of fetish encyclopedia

There are many different fetishisms this page will give you the explanations. New fetishes are being created. If you know of an fetish which has not been listed please contact [email protected] and will will list it here.

Please note: Some of these fetishes are illegal and harmful to others and yourself. If you are uncertain about any of the listed fetishisms please consult a specialist.


Being in a wheel chair or leg braces can certainly increase your sex appeal. Fetish clothing   has now be adapted to mimic things like leg braces. If you would like to know more please visit https://sites.google.com/site/abasioinfo/

wheel chair fetish


People with amputations have a big following in the fetish scene. If you have a strong sexual pull towards an amputee it is still seen as a taboo and should not be. Beauty can be found in a persons imperfections! www.myhandicap.com/acrotomophilia-disability.html

amputee fetish


Also known as Statuephilia or Pygmalionism is the sexual attraction to statues, mannequins and dolls. The earliest know case or myth was back in ancient Greece when Pygmalion, a Greek sculptor created a statue so life like he fell in love with it.

statue or doll fetish


Sexual stimulation from receiving pain to the genital area. We associate pleasure with pain in the fetish scene whilst one can receive pleasure and pain through spanking, this fetish refers only to the genital area. 

pain genital fetish


Usually referring to the attraction to trans men. However this fetish also refers to the attraction of butch women by men. The women referred to who have not gone through any physical transition


This Attraction by young men to older or more specify elderly women is a common fetish. We see it everywhere in the media. However this attraction may have other deciding influences like money and power. This true fetish relates to a special sexual attraction. the most common nick names for these lovely ladies are MILF ( mothers I Would like to Fuck) and GILF (Grandmother I would like to Fuck)


old woman fetiah


Even if the person in question has healthy limbs The urge to have the limb removed is a overwhelming desire. Im many cases Doctors are sought to perform the operation and in most modern cases to no avail.

removing limb fetish


Also know as Asphyxiation, strangulation or in fetish terms breath pay. The idea behind is is to restrict oxygen to the brain to heighten the pleasure of sex and orgasm. Practicing this must be done in a safe environment with people who know what they are doing. I don't have to tell you, this could lead to death. People are named gaspers who enjoy this fetish and it a very popular fetish



Getting buzz from being in front of the camera is one thing. This fetish covers people who are sexually aroused by being on live show. Sexual arousal and orgasm are both obtained by being in front of the camera or by being in a live show.


This is the fantasy of being in life-threatening situations. You may not place your self directly in harms way but the idea or risk of being killed can turn you on. This fetish can coincide with other fetishes which may risk you life. Dreams of drowning, choking, being held at gun point may just put you in classification of this fetish

death fantacy


Q. Do women really get turned on by imagining they have a mans body? A. Yes. Ladies, have you ever wondered what it would be like to own a cock.

Its may be easy to tell who is a transsexual or female to male cross dresses. It is not so easy when the idea or fantasy alone is the primary turn on for a biological woman. 

Being a man fetish

 Autoerotic asphixiation 

This Fetish is also known as breath control, Purposely reducing the air flow (oxygen)  to the brain to the point of passing out and in some cases actually passing out and in some cases death. 1000’s  of people around the word die each year by mistake trying to heighten there orgasm. This is not a safe practice. If you currently practice this fetish. Stop. Find a sex partner you can trust if you want to continue. 



A straight man who fantasizes about  being a woman. By definition: one is sexualy aroused  by ones own physical appearance. No, This person as NOT gay. 

straight man being a woman fetish


This is a form of sexual sadism. Rape in short, of an un-consenting person. This can also fall under the category of fantasy which can be practiced between consenting adults.

rape fetish

Breast fetishism 

This is also known as mammagynophilia, mammaphilia and mastofact. Because so many people find this sexual attraction to breasts it is debated this may not be know as a fetish. One belief is that the cleavage represents the crack of the ass. The bigger the breasts may  signify a more fertile female. In which ever case tits have always been very popular and will be so for a long time to come 


Originally being associated with being robbed or held up. This fetish is also known as “edge play” and is when the person gets sexually aroused when being blackmailed, cheated, conned and robbed by another person. The sexual arousing is caused by the frustration, submission, rage and fear of the situation. Mistress often are available to provide services such as financial domination and blackmail.


Commonly known as “scat”. Fetish services provides will call this “toilet training” is the liking of “feces”, “poo” or “shit”.,also known as scat, scatophilia or fecophilia.


Tears or crying is the short explanation of this fetish. However it runs a little deeper than this in the form of strong emotion. We associate crying and tears with pain and suffering and this is the very thing which excites. Emotion is the ultimate truth.

Diaper or Nappy fetishism 

There are few variations of this fetish. Being force to wear a nappy for humiliation. The wearer can also get pleasure from wearing and using nappies. In some cases  this stems from childhood, a care free life with no stress. 


This tree hugging fetish is the sexual arousal from trees. This name “dendropillia” means love of trees. This fetish can include actual sexual contract of trees.


If you enjoy watching people vomiting or vomiting yourself or have great fantasies of vomit and vomiting you may just come under this fetish. There are plenty of websites you con visit to satisfy your  vomit fetishes.  

More Fetishes will be added weekly.